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single channel video 5’39’’


The animated film is based on a houses which used to be Crusader fortresses. In the film, all spaces have been merged to form a single structure where the viewers are invited to roam. This locations are the Israeli archaeologists’ early encounter with the same ruins which have been depopulated in 1948.


filmed in the crusader castles of:


QAQUN קַאקוּן  قاقون‎

SUBA סֿוּבָּא صوبا

KHIRBAT JIDDIN ח'רבּת גִ'דִּין خربة جدّين

BAYT JIBRIN  בּית גִ'בּרִין بيت جبرين

HUNIN הוּנִין هونين

KAWKAB AL-HAWA כַּווּכָּבּ אלהַוָא كوكب الهوا

SAFAD צפת صفد

AL-LATRUN לַטְרוּן  اللطرون

AL-QASTALאלקַסְטל  القسطل

SAFFURIYYA  סֿפוּרִיּה  صفوريّة

AL-ZEEB אלזִיבּ  الزيب

MAJDAL YABA מַגְ'דַל יָאבָּא  مجدل يابا

BAYT 'ITAB  בּית עִטַאבּ  بيت عطاب

KHIRBAT AL-TANNUR  ח'רבּת אלתַנוּר خربة التنور

KAFR LAM  כּפְר לַאם  كفر لام


Video still

Video still

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video excerpt