the kingdom of shadows|2021

though it cannot be seen|2021

hall of mirrors...|2019

standby painter|2018

another planet|2017

the fox and the crow|2017

man with two beards|2016

a journey...|2015

the national park|2015


we are attempting...|2014

the simultaniest|2014

paleosol 80 south|2013

superstition in the pigeon|2013


this is jerusalem, mr. pasolini|2012


hollywood strings|2012

the german village|2011


the inflatables|2009

 arbeit macht frei|2009

compressed ceramic powder|2007

remission, 2012

live Video mapping projecion  ~20’00’’ (part of “I Vespri”, a Civic forum in five acts)


A manipulated letter of apology from 14th century, presented as a speech to the public at the street of an old Italian town. Alongside the speech is a video of uninhabited houses for sale, juxtaposed with real estate textual information, which is projected on a building facade.