the kingdom of shadows|2021

arbeit macht frei, 2009

single channel video 10’20”, series of 15 c-prints, blueprints

 arbeit macht frei|2009

video still

compressed ceramic powder|2007

In 2006 the sign “Arbeit Macht Frei” underwent conservation oversight. 13 spots of rust were identified. For two months of restoration process the sign was replaced with specially manufactured copy. At the very same moment second copy was manufactured in Israel for Israeli museum. Two teams of metal workers had no awareness of each others work and had no contact. The video compare statements of both groups. Dialogue created by metal artists shows that essential to the process was the case of inverted letter B. As a result emerges an intriguing story of people who never knew each other, and because of lack of pathos in narration the final effect enhances the horror of this sign.


The still series consists of 13 microscopic photos of rust found on the sign. They were made during conservation process and now are enlarged by 1000 times, become anonymous compositions of color.

video excerpt



amir Yatziv - Arbeit Macht Frei

Rust point#05|c-print|70x60cm

amir Yatziv - Arbeit Macht Frei

Rust point#06|c-print|70x60cm