the kingdom of shadows|2021

though it cannot be seen|2021

hall of mirrors...|2019

standby painter|2018

another planet|2017

the fox and the crow|2017

man with two beards|2016

a journey...|2015

the national park|2015


we are attempting...|2014

the simultaniest|2014

paleosol 80 south|2013

superstition in the pigeon|2013


this is jerusalem, mr. pasolini|2012


hollywood strings|2012

the german village|2011


the inflatables|2009

 arbeit macht frei|2009

compressed ceramic powder|2007

antipodes, 2008-2010

single channel video 30’00”, series of 7 c-prints

amir Yatziv - Antipodes


A documentary of real-life simulation wargames, the film follows two groups of players from Poland, Russia, Sweden and the Czech Republic, one of which plays the IDF while the other plays the Wehrmacht – Nazi Germany’s army. The amateurs buy equipment from collectors and spend weekends reconstructing battles in the same forests that saw historical confrontations during the Second World War. The film incorporates fragments of a simulated, distant reality, into present-day reality, thereby evoking a decades-long discussion on the effects of the war on local cultures.

video excerpt

amir Yatziv - Antipodes

Polish village|c-print|115x92cm

amir Yatziv - Antipodes